Captain Underhill Uncoils the Mystery (Cape Cod Radio Mystery Theater)

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In "The Whirlpool," Underhill and Scofield offer a beautiful park ranger a ride, get kidnapped by a convict, and are sucked into a whirlpool—and they're supposed to be on vacation. And when an Egyptian cobra gets loose in an elementary school, it’s up to Underhill and Scofield to track the reptile down before a tragedy occurs, in "The Cobra in the Kindergarten." This audio CD presentation is part of a series of contemporary radio dramas in the tradition of The Shadow and The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. Written and directed by Edgar Award winner Steven Thomas Oney and aired on public radio, they follow retired police captain Waverly Underhill (David Ellsworth) and his sidekick Doctor Scofield (Wally O'Hara) as they unlock mysteries and unmask murderers in spine-tingling adventures. "It's a foggy night on old Cape Cod" intones Oney at the start of each episode, "a perfect night for a mystery."

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